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Adhering to customer orientation principle, Sundow focuses on customers’ concerns and needs, responds to customers with a sense of urgency and customizes products and solutions for end users.

1555986948544939.jpgComplete product technical information

Sundow owns a broad portfolio with complete technical information - detailed TDS, SDS, Selection guide, etc. Be familiar with the same kinds on the market and recommend customers alternative products with solutions.

Professional team for technical service

Composed of technical personnel with R&D and production experience for nearly 30 years in the field, the team members have a strong sense of customer service and always respond quickly, provide customers selections and application guidance without delay.

Provide on-site guidance

The service team is fully committed to assisting customers in solving product application problems. For users with complex situations, we will have a team be on-site for better understanding and help users solve problems face-to-face.