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Seguro de calidad

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Sundow adopts advanced German production technology and DCS control system, strictly monitoring all procedures--- raw material, production process, testing and storage, to ensure the stability and reliability of product quality.

1552268971590526.jpg 1551252318513302.pngScientific management: Standardize operative procedures and ensures product batch traceability.

1551252318513302.png Raw material guarantee: Main raw materials are supplied by internationally renowned suppliers. Before feeding, different batches of raw material are mixed to be homogenized.

1551252318513302.png  Raw material inspection: All raw materials including auxiliaries have to pass strict inspection before being accepted and putting in use.

1551252318513302.png Best-in-class equipments: Key production equipments and accessories imported from Germany.

1551252318513302.png Automation: The factory adopts SIEMENS' DCS control system, which reduces human influence and ensures the stability of product quality.

1551252318513302.png Process detection: During the reaction process, samples are taken and tested to check the actual performance.

1551252318513302.png Products homogenization: Semi-finished products are mixed and homogenized in a large mixing bin before packaging to finished products, minimizing batches and ensuring product stability----to realize one container one batch.

1551252318513302.png Warehouse-in inspection: Products must be sampled and passed strict test before stored and delivered.

1551252318513302.png Quality traceability: The samples of each batch will be retained one year, which is for product re-inspection and traceability.