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1551748789637575.jpgWe strongly believe that --- Product quality is the foundation of the company; Advanced technology is the guarantee for high-quality products; R&D innovation is the driving force for the company's sustainable development; Service differentiation is the core competitive of market.

1551252318513302.png The company carries to TQM system .

1551252318513302.png With advanced equipment, production technology and DCS process control system, products quality is high and stable.

1551252318513302.png Equipped with a comprehensive range of testing and testing equipment which ensures the quality of raw materials to products is effectively controlled.

1551252318513302.png Sundow works closely together with its customers in order to provide them with professional suggestions and the best solutions constantly develop new product models for different users.

1551252318513302.png Close to market demand, develop new process and products following national policies and corporate sustainable strategies