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Our Strategy

Helping our customers to succeed in their markets 1551689851721537.jpg
Always working with customers and learning market, Sundow supply customers required products and effective service, give them a competitive edge – through top reliability and quality, ease of doing business, constant innovation for greater efficiency and product differentiation, and high-quality customer relations.

Standard products are characterized by consistently high quality with outstanding reliability 
 • Most advanced technology, high-quality products 
 • Short delivery lead times 
 • Unbeatable lot-to-lot consistency 
 • Robustness (leading to smooth, efficient production and throughput, high yield and optimal cost savings for customers)

1551690193346905.jpgA focused approach to innovation 
We are constantly being closeness to customers and a willingness to continually adapt to a changing world to find innovative solutions that will help them advance their own products. We are committed to advancing technologies to develop innovative, high-performing products that create solutions for our customers and help them deliver safer, more efficient products.

Sustainability--the driver of our thoughts and actions for a brighter future 
SUNDOW intends to operate and develop its business in a way that balances our current and future needs, taking into account economic, environmental and social factors so that we can sustain and further grow our production capacity and business in the long term. 

Our Vision
To be globally recognized as a trusted, reliable and admired materials and solutions provider in Plastic & Rubber field.